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Industrial Cleaning as Preventive Maintenance

First of all, we must know what preventive maintenance is.

Preventive maintenance is the action of systematically reviewing work equipment or devices of any kind (mechanical, electrical, computer, etc...) under certain criteria to prevent breakdowns caused by excessive use, wear, or the passage of time.

Preventive maintenance anticipates breakdowns to prevent them from happening or to reduce their severity, therefore it also reduces the cost of repairs and the time in which the equipment stops its operations due to said breakdowns.

There are three different types of preventive maintenance and together they form a maintenance plan; which is essential to achieve quality and professional maintenance. Here are the three main types of preventative maintenance:

Scheduled: They are carried out by time, kilometers, or hours of operation.

Predictive: It is performed at the end of the maximum estimated period of use.

For example, if it is known in advance that a piece of machinery has a useful life of 2 years, its maintenance will be carried out after those 2 years.

Opportunity: The period when the equipment is not being used is used to maintain and not stop production.

Now that we know what Preventive Maintenance is…Where does Industrial Cleaning come in?

Thanks to industrial cleaning, it is possible to create a healthy environment for both personnel and machinery. By carrying out deep cleaning, the risk of breakdowns due to dirt as well as respiratory diseases or work accidents caused by disorder is reduced, thus avoiding a decrease in production.

By implementing a safety and hygiene program within companies, a more comfortable work environment is generated for workers, considerably reducing the constant turnover of personnel and increasing their productivity.

In addition, the benefits of adequate industrial cleaning as preventive maintenance will improve the image that the company offers to its end customers, as well as the quality of the products the company offers to its end customers.

If your company needs an industrial cleaning plan as preventive maintenance, whether scheduled, predictive, or opportunity, at CleanBC USA we have the right solution for your facilities.

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